Freestanding Ranges

Combination Elements - Steel Professional Ranges
G7F-4, G9F-4, G9F-6, G10FF-4, G10FF-6, G12FF-4, G12FF-6, G12FF-8-(Genesi Line - from December 2008)
S7F-4, S9F-4, S9F-6, S10FF-4, S10FF-6, S12FF-4, S12FF-6, S12FF-8 - Updated March 2006 version
S7F-4, S9F-4, S9F-6, S10FF-4, S10FF-6, S12FF-4, S12FF-6, S12FF-8 -March 2004 version

'V' Setting Controls

S7,9,10,12 Series 2 & Genesi Line (G7,9,10,12) series - The Professional Series Use & Care Manuals say that the 'V' setting operates the oven fan. For series two ovens, & the new G Series (Genesi Line) this is incorrect. The fan does not start immediately oven is turned on, but is controlled by a thermostat, which will turn on at a predetermined temperature and also switch the oven off after the oven has cooled. The V Setting actually has no function at all. The fan can be started by selecting any fan associated function with fan on or off.


Ceramic Element
FEC605W - 600mm White
FEC605X - 600mm S/Steel
FEC500W - 500mm White
FEC500X - 500mm S/steel

FEC600X - 600mm S/steel


Solid Element
FES605W - 600mm Solid White

FES500W - 500mm solid white


FEG605X - 600mm
FEG905X - 900mm
FEG600X - 600mm
FEG900X - 900mm
Dual : Induction and Double Electric Oven
EMIC800X - Induction Cooktop and Electric Double Oven (Rough Draft Copy only)

St George
FE904C, FE904C2, FED3B2, FED4A