Multifunction Oven 60cm 75 Litres



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  • Illuminated Conceal Reveal knobs
  • Safety Stop telescopic guides
  • Fan assisted double grill


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595mm (w) x 595mm (h) x 575mm (d)

Model: OMF6030K

Embracing the latest European trend, the sensational new XL 75L OMF6030K 60cm multifunction oven is all black with a unique twist…illuminated knobs! The knobs are conceal/reveal knobs meaning they push in when not in use creating a sleek smooth aesthetic and pop out when in use. Additionally, when the oven is turned on the knobs light up providing a clear indication that the oven is operational. The illumination also makes the function icons much easier to read. Other features include soft close doors, boost rapid heating and 2 Ezy Flex fully safety stop extendable telescopic guides for safe operation. The all black model is complemented by the all black MWG4512K combi microwave.

Model Functions

  • XL 75 litre
  • Safe door (3 sheets of glass)
  • Fully removable door
  • Boost rapid heating
  • Traditional cooking: upper and lower heating elements Pizza and Bread
  • Pastry: lower heating element
  • Baking: fan forced
  • Full Grill
  • Intensive cooking: upper + lower heating elements + fan
  • Defrosting: fan
  • Double Grill
  • Fan assisted lower heating element
  • Kleenmaid's thermal reflective glass ensures the heat is retained within the oven and not lost through the glass
  • Touch control, electronic timer and clock
  • Cooking cavity with EzyKleen
  • Energy efficient Class A-20%
  • 2 metal grills
  • 5 year warranty
  • Illuminated conceal and reveal knobs for easy cleaning
  • 2 Ezy Flex fully safety stop extendable telescopic guide for safe operation
  • 11 Functions including Pizza and Bread
  • Fan assisted double grill
  • Premium soft close door

Standard Accessories

  • 1 Ultra gourmet baking tray
  • 2 metal grills

Additional Features

  • CMSThumbnail childLock3
    Child safety lock on electronic controls
  • OMF6030K v3 Silver handle illuminated dialAlt Door
    Optional steel accent kit at cost

    The OMF6030K has an optional steel accent kit comprising steel highlighted illuminated knobs and a steel handle.