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900mm (w) x 948mm (h) x 605mm (d)

Auto Cooking Programs

10 functions including “PIZZA” and “BREAD” yes

Technical characteristics

No. of functions 10 oven functions
No. of Gas burners 5 including 3.5kW wok
Size 109 L oven

Model: OFS9020

A beautiful mirror polished stainless steel finish is what sets the massive 109 litre Kleenmaid OFS9020 freestanding dual fuel oven apart from the rest.

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With bold rectilinear design features, such as the oversized side panels and striking ultra-flat cast iron pan supports, the OFS9020 will be a central focus in any contemporary kitchen design. But it is not all about the looks - this appliance is set to cook your culinary creations to perfection with 5 gas burners on top, including a 3.5 kW wok burner, and 10 functions controlling the oven. For ease of use and safety there is dual point lighting, and two telescopic sliding shelves, normally an optional extra with other brands. The unit has all you need to get started with natural and LPG gas conversion kits if you require them. For extra safety, the gas burners are fitted with flame safe protection, meaning if there is an interruption to your gas supply the appliance will shut itself down for your safety. The oven door is triple glazed making the outer glass safe to touch. The electronic clock and timer allow you to set and forget your cooking while you are away from the home. The bottom drawer is a great storage area for your baking trays.

Model Functions

  • 10 functions including “PIZZA” and “BREAD”
  • XXL 109 litre capacity
  • 10 Functions
  • Browning: Upper heating element
  • Defrosting: fan
  • Gratin: Ventilated grill
  • Pastry: lower heating-element
  • Traditional cooking: upper and lower heating elements Pizza and Bread
  • Fan assisted lower heating element
  • Baking: fan forced
  • Full Grill
  • Flame Safe Protection* : Flame Safe automatically cuts off the gas supply and terminates the appliance’s operation should the flame prematurely extinguish.
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Fan forced upper heating element
  • Dual fuel, multifunction oven with 5 burner gas cooktop
  • Dual point lighting
  • Electronic timer and clock
  • 5 burner gas hob including 3.5kW wok
  • Cast Iron pan supports
  • Under knob auto ignition
  • Plate warmer/storage compartment
  • Safety Cool door, 3 sheets of glass
  • Tangential cooling fan
  • 5 year warranty
  • Natural gas and LPG compatible
  • 1 Ultra Gourmet baking tray with wire grilling insert

Standard Accessories

  • 2 fully extendable telescopic shelves
  • 2 wire racks
  • Baking tray handle
  • LPG conversion kit
  • 1 Ultra Gourmet baking tray with wire grilling insert

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