Fully Integrated Dishwasher



  • autoWash
  • Delayed start enlarged
  • 3YearWarranty2
  • Energy rating for dw2
  • water rating dw2
  • Hygienic Sanitisation 65
  • Auto Delicate 30C 40C Icon01HR2
  • Half Load 3 Options Icon01HR2
  • Quick Wash 30 Minutes at 45C Icon01HR2
  • Express Speed Cycles Icon01HR2
  • Intensive Wash 65C Icon01HR2
  • 3 in 1 Tablet Icon01HR2


4873 Kleenmaid DW6021 Schematic01HR
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598mm (w) x 815mm (h) x 570mm (d)

Technical characteristics

4-level filtration system yes
Energy Rating (stars) 4
WELS water rating (stars) 5
Decibel rating (dBA) 47
Drying Systems Residual Heat
15 place settings 15


Creative space upper basket yes
Folding cup racks yes
Full extending roll-out basket yes
Durable wheels on lower basket yes
Fold down racking in lower basket yes
Anti-leakage device yes
Anti-overflow mechanism yes
Hot water inlet hose anti-bursting safety mechanism yes
Concealed heating element yes
Variable arc door hinges yes
Door spring adjustment yes
Rear foot adjustment from front yes
Decorator plinth kit yes

Wash Programs

Number of wash programs 7
Auto Temp 45-60
Auto Wash Duration (mins) 120-170, Water (Ltrs) 10-13.5, Power (KWh) 1.1-1.4
Intense Wash Duration (mins) 155, Water (Ltrs) 17, Power (KWh) 1.45
Intense Temp 50-65
Heavy Wash Duration (mins) 170, Water (Ltrs) 13.5, Power (KWh) 1.15
Heavy Temp 45-60
Normal Wash Duration (mins) 175, Water (Ltrs) 12, Power (KWh) 0.62
Normal Temp 45-55
Glass Wash Duration (mins) 115, Water (Ltrs) 13.5, Power (KWh) 0.85
Glass Temp 40-60
90 min Wash Duration (mins) 90, Water (Ltrs) 12.5, Power (KWh) 1.33
90 min Temp 60-65
Rapid Wash Duration (mins) 40, Water (Ltrs) 10, Power (KWh) 0.5
Rapid Temp 40-45

Model: DW6021

The installation of a Kleenmaid DW6021 dishwasher creates a seamless integration into any ultra-modern kitchen design.

Using only 12.2 litres of water and boasting a highly coveted five-star water rating makes this Kleenmaid dishwasher economical, eco-friendly and a must have in your new kitchen.

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The Kleenmaid DW6021 fully integrated dishwasher has a sound rating of only 47 dbA ensuring that any operational noise is kept to a minimum. Because the dishwasher is so quiet, it has a light, discreetly installed in the kick plate, to indicate the dishwasher is operating. Without the indicator light you could never tell from listening to it that it was operational.

There is plenty of room for platters, pots, pans, crockery and cutlery. Each has been intelligently considered in the internal design.

There is accommodation for 15 full place settings and special fixtures for varying sized cutlery. A height adjustable top basket allows for the effective cleaning of super sized pots and large platters. There is also a dedicated third row cutlery tray.

In addition to using very little water, the DW6021 consumes only 236 kWh per year, making it very economical to run.

The operational features include; a 65°C hygienic sanitation rinse, a 24 hour delayed timer, a half load option and 7 wash cycles with 32 variations, including speed wash should you need a super quick result in 40 minutes.

Anti-leak and anti-flood mechanisms are also installed to provide peace of mind.

Backed by our three year manufacturer’s parts and labour warranty the DW6021 will provide years of hassle free service.

Uniquely a Fully Integrated Dishwasher is one that comes with an inner door skin upon which you add a door and handle built from the same material as your cabinetry thus fully integrating it with your kitchen. An outer door and handle is not included.

Model Functions

  • 4-level filtration system
  • Auto Wash
  • Creative space upper basket
  • Folding cup racks
  • Full extending roll-out basket
  • Durable wheels on lower basket
  • Fold down racking in lower basket
  • Anti-leakage device
  • Anti-overflow mechanism
  • Hot water inlet hose anti-bursting safety mechanism
  • Concealed heating element
  • Variable arc door hinges
  • Door spring adjustment
  • Rear foot adjustment from front
  • Decorator plinth kit
  • Fully integrated
  • Third row cutlery tray
  • Electronic sensor touch controls
  • LED display and interior light
  • 7 wash programs with 32 variations
  • Residual hot air drying
  • Energy rating 4 stars - 237 kWh per year
  • WELS water rating 5 stars - 12.2L per wash
  • Super quiet 47dBA
  • Extra dry 65°C sanitisation program
  • Fast/Quick cycles from 40 minutes
  • Anti overflow and antilock protection
  • Glass 40°C
  • Half Load - 3 options
  • Rapid Wash in 40 minutes at 45°C
  • Express Speed Cycles
  • Intense Wash 65°C
  • 3 in 1 Tablet
  • Adjustable Mug Shelves
  • Multi-load Top Basket
  • Spoon rack and glass support
  • Easy grip handles and easy glide rollers
  • Hygienic Sanitisation

Additional Features

  • delayEnd
    Time delay start (1-24 hours)
  • KCDW6020S b resized2
    Fold down racking in lower basket
  • Screen Shot 2016 11 12 at 10.46.12 am
    15 place settings
  • Screen Shot 2016 11 12 at 11.39.10 am
    Third row cutlery tray
  • Screen Shot 2016 11 12 at 4.28.59 pm
    Adjustable Mug Shelves
  • Screen Shot 2016 11 12 at 4.30.03 pm
    Multi-load Top Basket
  • Screen Shot 2016 11 12 at 9.36.11 pm
    Spoon rack and glass support
  • Screen Shot 2016 11 12 at 9.37.50 pm
    Easy grip handles and easy glide rollers
  • Screen Shot 2016 11 12 at 9.41.22 pm
    Hygienic Sanitisation