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The “Next Generation,” European designed and engineered Kleenmaid dishwasher range comes in various models, catering for the requirements of every individual and home. The range includes free standing, and fully integrated models both with environmentally friendly, yet super efficient, ultra quiet and effective washing programmes.

Kleenmaid free standing dishwashers are simple to operate and versatile, and are designed to be installed in an existing kitchen dishwasher cavity. Kleenmaid make the best dishwashers in the industry.

Our beautifully engineered, fully integrated model allows for perfect kitchen symmetry and integration, as the dishwasher can be concealed behind the kitchen cabinet paneling.

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    Kleenmaid Stainless Steel Free Standing/Built Under Dishwasher  KCDW6020S
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    Kleenmaid Fully Integrated Dishwasher DW6021
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    Kleenmaid Semi Integrated Dishwasher KCDW6012

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