Induction Cooktop 80cm



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  • glassFlush2
  • glassSurface2
  • Residual heat indicators2
  • Arsenic Free Glassno text2
  • Boost plus2
  • Pauseresume3
  • Spill protection2
  • 3YearWarranty2
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780mm (w) x 52mm (h) x 520mm (d)


Slider touch control yes

Cut out (W x D mm)

Depth 490
Width 750


"Bevelled" shaped edges 22mm x 5 mm yes
Glass Flush Mounted yes
Glass Surface Mounted yes

Technical characteristics

Induction cooktop with quartz grey graphics 80cm
Power levels 9
Total power (W) 7400
Type Induction
No. of elements 4
ø260mm induction element power and booster (W) 2600/3300/5500
ø210mm induction element power and booster (W) 2300
ø180mm induction element power and booster (W) 1850/2300/3000

Model: ICT8010

There are three standard sizes in our Induction collection, 60cm, 80cm, and 90cm.

Form and Function are two words that describe this Kleenmaid range to perfection. Made from beautifully bevelled black glass with visually impacting red operating diodes Kleenmaid induction cooktops will set off any kitchen design.

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Induction technology is the quickest and safest form of cooktop cooking in the world as it is the cookware that heats up, not the cooking surface and as can be expected, Kleenmaid has moved this technology to new heights.

Kleenmaid Induction cooktops can be up to 50% faster than vitroceramic and gas cooktops.

The beauty of these Kleenmaid induction cooktops is complemented by an array of functions such as ‘stop and go’ which allows you to leave your cooking unattended if needed by pausing all your current cooking functions and timers. When you're ready to resume cooking a touch of the pause icon returns your cooktop to all its previous settings and cooking recommences instantly.

The command panel is intuitive and can be operated by touch or slide action. For precision the electronic display tracks the temperature and timing of your cooking.

Cooking couldn’t be easier with the option of pre-set temperature selection. 42 degrees for defrosting, 70 degrees for keeping food warm and 94 degrees (ICT9010 only) for keeping a recipe just under the boil are available at the touch of the corresponding icon.

The ICT9010 also has ‘Bridging’ which allows you to link cooking zones together to create a larger cooking surface as required.

Even Automatic Cooking! Bring you pot of rice to the boil, reduce it to a simmer and cook for 20 minutes, a typical task? Exactly, so why not have the cooktop do it for you, well you can with Kleenmaid’s clever technology.

Safety of course has also been considered with residual heat indicators, auto shut off if overheating, overflow or long absence is detected. A child safety lock is also incorporated to prevent little hands accidently turning on the cooktop.

Live the amazing, and experience a Kleenmaid induction cooktop today.

Model Functions

  • "Bevelled" shaped edges 22mm x 5 mm
  • Egg Timer
  • 4 Timers
  • Automatic pan detection
  • Booster plus 5.5kW
  • Glass Flush Mounted
  • Glass Surface Mounted
  • Slider touch control
  • Vitroceramic top
  • Residual heat indicators: a safety sensor indicating surface is hot to touch
  • Easy access servicing: provides access to working parts from below to avoid removing from bench when servicing
  • Arsenic free glass
  • Boost plus on each cooking element
  • Pause and resume function
  • Spill protection: safety sensors turn off cooktop at spillage, overheating, long absence or accidental start
  • Automatic cooking: avoids overflows, spillages and burning
  • Automatic cooking functions: defrosting 42°C, keep warm 70°C
  • Auto-Power heating area and delivers power automatically adapted to the pot

Additional Features

  • CMSThumbnail childLock3
    Child safety lock on electronic controls